The Stand-Alone Wireless Intercom System
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Every single day millions of people all over the world experience the inability to communicate effectively in their home. Often, the attempt to talk to one another is made more difficult by the distance or barriers between people, or the diminished hearing of individuals. This causes miscommunication, misunderstanding, and frustration. Too many times you get the response, "What did you say?" "I didn't hear you," or "Come closer."

Our purpose is to solve this problem.

By enabling people to easily communicate in their home without the necessity of pressing buttons, or remembering vexing phrases, we solve this problem. We solve this problem with the utmost privacy in mind, eliminating concern about unauthorized persons listening to private conversations or having the content of those conversations used for target marketing. Conversations are transmitted and discarded, without ever being stored. What you say in your home, stays in your home.

Trouble Hearing?

Not a problem! Our product solves the problem of miscommunication in the household. It has adjustable speaker settings, connects to your phone, and is small enough that it can go in any room in the house!

Ease of Use

Our stand-alone unit delivers seamless communication with loved ones throughout the house and across the world without being bogged down by other applications.

Security and Peace of Mind

We designed our system with your privacy as our first priority. Nothing is ever stored on our servers.


Vocal Power-House System

The Stand-Alone Wireless Intercom System


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Jim DeLapa

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Sam Berndt

Co-Founder, Chief Engineer

Fred Burkhart

IP Counselor | Gardner, Linn, Burkhart & Ondersma LLP

Jim Thompson

Engineering Consultant

Casey Timm

Development Engineer

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